DIVCHI 16-Inch Oscillating Pedestal AIR Cooling Electric Fan EXTENDABLE Adjustable Stand, Stay Cool 3 Speed (Pack of 1)

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  • WHAT A NICE BREEZE – Powered by 3 energy-efficient speeds, this 3-blade fan with electric plug-in motor moves a lot of air, even on the lowest setting. This simple-to-use, basic stand fan is a great value for creating a cooling breeze in both small and large household spaces.
  • BEAT THE SUMMER HEAT – If you live in the heat with no central air or have window AC units that do a poor job of moving air around your whole house or apartment, this fan easily brings comfort to the hottest rooms. Tilt-back head and optional oscillation directs the wind any way you want from floor to ceiling; making this fan a life saver when it’s hot & humid outdoors.
  • WIDE ANGLE OSCILLATION – The 80°wide oscillation angle makes it versatile for one person as well as family use. The direction of the breeze could aim anywhere between the floor and the ceiling through tilt angel of fan head.
  • EASY TO ASSEMBLE – No tools required. We take pride in the quality and efficiency of our oscillating standing fan, which requires minimal assembling. Lightweight and portable, it’s easy to move to provide relief wherever it’s needed.
  • WHITE NOISE FOR SLEEPING – If you need white noise to sleep, this fan creates a soothing purr that drowns out bedroom noises making it easy to fall asleep. It’s adjustable so it’s tall enough to aim over a high bed. It’s also quiet enough (especially on the lower settings) and strong enough to blow across the room to circulate the air so you can get some rest.

DIVCHI 16″ Oscillating cooling Pedestal Fan

Enjoy a comfortable breeze in every room with the 16-inch White Stand. Great for use in living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and more, this pedestal fan features a 3 paddle blade, which provides a powerful flow of cooling air. This high performance fan has 3 speeds, widespread oscillation, fully-adjustable height, and tilt-adjustable fan head so you can customize your comfort level.

Why Customer Choose DIVCHI 16″ Oscillating Pedestal Fan

- Fully-adjustable height for complete airflow customization
- Simple no-tool assembly
- Easily portable, plus built-in safety features