DIVCHI Wooden Handled Skipping Rope 180cm - Jump Play Sport Exercise Workout Toy

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  • The rope is made of cotton rubber, which is strong and durable. It is not entangled and not knotted during exercise. It is safe and comfortable and suitable for fancy skipping.
  • The wooden handle not only has a comfortable grip, but also makes it easy to disengage when skipping the rope, so that you can enjoy the sport more.
  • High durable wooden and rubber ropes, non-toxic, BPA-free, PVC or Phthalates-free, safe for kids to use.
  • Skipping rope is used to improve the physical condition, suitable for fitness, aerobic exercise, suitable for weight loss programs, is a very good sports equipment.
  • Skipping rope is suitable for students, office workers, fitness enthusiasts, whether it is fitness, racing, practice, exams, etc., you can choose.

This is a rope which are light weight and excellent for smooth skipping.

The rope provides ideal solution for improving cardiovascular strength and overall dexterity.

Get yourself up and moving with one of the best exercises - jumping rope

Because this is a only rope which can spins a highest number of turns in a minute which provides a best opportunity to burn calories and raises their stamina.